In the Internet hosting field, cloud architecture means employing different servers for every single service that is a part of the internet hosting service. In other words, your files, databases and emails will not run on the same machine, but on separate ones. Such a setup leads to higher uptime and superior overall performance since only a single type of system processes will run on the server, so the system resources will be utilized as good as possible. Numerous service providers these days advertise their cloud services, but what they provide is not actual cloud architecture for the reason that the hosting control panels they use are not designed to work on anything different from a single server. If everything runs on one machine, a trouble with a single service can take the whole server offline. In this light, if you are searching for cloud hosting, you should verify if the service you'll receive is truly a cloud one or whether it is a marketing trick.

Genuine Cloud Architecture in Cloud Hosting

All shared Internet hosting accounts that we provide are created on our custom made cloud platform and the service you will receive is the best possible one that you could find on the hosting market. We offer individual clusters of servers taking care of your files, emails, statistics, Control Panel, databases, and so on. Since we can easily keep adding servers to every cluster, we have virtually inexhaustible system resources, not mentioning that we have virtually eliminated any sort of downtime of the sites hosted on our platform. The in-house made Hepsia Control Panel was meant to work in the cloud and it even has its own cluster to work from, so should you sign up for one of our shared web hosting plans, you'll enjoy a true cloud hosting service that will deliver the best possible performance of your websites.